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Today is Friday, the first day of Comicon. It is morning for Lindsay (my husband and co-writer) and me, but the middle of the night for my family who will be manning the Varida P&R/Reklas Abandon booth at the Emerald City Comicon. It is hard to believe that the little make-fun comic strip I did for my sister in the car back in 2009 is now a completed, published work that is premiering at the 2014 Emerald City Comicon. Today, it finally feels like it is happening!

The only thing left is for me to be holding the book in my own hands.

200 Limited Edition Copies PRINTED, and I have an awesome family to thank!

photo 1 Yesterday, at 3:45 Seattle time, my family went to pick up the 200 Printed copies of Reklas Abandon to be sold at Comicon this weekend. (Photo on the left: my brother Steve carrying the books out to the car) They literally picked them up on their way to set up the booth the day before the event! Everything has been down to the last minute, yet everything seems to be coming together! It’s just how God always seems to work.

Because we had a few problems getting books from our main printer in time we decided to go to a local printer in Woodinville for the copies we needed this weekend. These 200 copies we are calling our ‘Special First Edition’ copies as there will be none others like them in the future. These are the only books to be printed here and will only be sold at Emerald City Comicon. We will keep a few for ourselves of course, but if you buy a book that has a note about it being Special Edition, you should keep it. It might be special one day! I believe my publisher will also be numbering all 200 books, so if you find a number, its your lucky day!

photo 3From what my family has told me, the quality looks awesome, and so I am going to have to take their word for it!

That is my sister, Toni, on the right. You have her to thank for this Graphic Novel’s existence. (And if you want to know more about that, you can check out the page I did about the making of Reklas Abandon when I started it last year.)

I am sure you have noticed my family’s heavy involvement both in the publishing and the promoting of this book. That is because we are extremely family-oriented and we are each other’s inspiration in more ways than one. My mom, Suzanne Hagelin, President of Varida P&R, started her publishing company as a way for our family, and others like us, to get our works out there. Mom is a writer herself and has several works (including some amazing Sci-Fi!) on their way to being finished and published. Steve and Toni are both also writers and artists, as well as my oldest sister Katy whose creative outlet is dance (a link to her dance company based in Seattle.)

All that to say, Reklas is the first fruits of the Sci-Fi/fantasy fiction that will be coming out of Varida P&R, so if you like Reklas Abandon at all, there will be more like it coming!

Like I said, these books traveled straight from the printers, into the car, and right to the set up of Booth 3006 at the Emerald City Comicon…

Booth #3006!

Please welcome, the coziest, awesomest, best-kept secret at the 2014 Emerald City Comicon! The heart we have behind it is a sort of ‘safe-haven’ duck-in during the mad house event. We know we are tucked away in the most un-visited floor away from the majority of foot traffic, but we see this as the perfect opportunity to hide away from the bigger booths that might over-power us and have a quieter location to meet/make friends. While we are professional and take our work seriously, we are also a family business and we want it to feel like that when you visit our booth. Most people helping out with the booth will be family, including my parents, my siblings (Katy, Toni and Steve), my cousin Mary, my uncle E. Eric, and some of my close friends. I see this as one of our strengths and hope many will find their way to the best booth at Comicon. BOOTH 3006!!!


Introducing the Varida P&R booth with the premier of Reklas Abandon.


Steve and my Mom (the Mastermind of all this)


My cousin Mary hiding behind one of the T-shirt designs.


… And the other T-Shirt design to be sold. (Please note the awesome wine boxes on display most likely donated by E Eric the wine specialist! …yes, we have class.)


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