Announcing my next project: TEMPEST

Now that Reklas Abandon has been released, published and we have sold some copies, I feel like I am allowed to start talking about the next project. I really shouldn’t call it my ‘next’ project, as it is the one I have been working on for several years now, but it is finally time to start blogging about it and pushing towards finishing something. I took a long break from drawing actual pages, as I saw several areas where I needed to grow as an artist and the story needed work, and that is why we did Reklas Abandon. We thought we should do a one-off story that took less commitment so that we could see what it was like releasing a graphic novel. The number things we learned from finishing it is astronomical. And during the break I made some serious headway on my other story; I made enough headway to get going on Volume 1 in hopes of releasing it as soon as we can!


As I mentioned above, this is the project I have been working on for many years and it is only now getting close to being released. A bit of general information about it: benji

Name: Tempest
Story type: This will be an actual series rather than a one-off story like Reklas abandon was. My rough guess would be at least 10 volumes, but perhaps more.
Length: I estimate each volume ranging between 100-200 pages. Some will be longer than others, but volume one will probably be the longest since it is the gateway into the world. And as mentioned above, there will be at least 10 volumes to tell the story I wish to tell.
Genre: Fantasy/sci-fi/adventure
Art Style: This will be pretty similar in style to Reklas Abandon, as far as the people go, but a lot more detailed and perhaps a bit less angular. I will be doing a lot more backgrounds of course (as Reklas Abandon had next to none), and the world will be much, much, much bigger.
Colouring: Yes, the whole series will be in colour. I just can’t get into fantasy unless I have colour taking me there, and so I see this as an important aspect of my series. We will be putting a lot of effort into choosing the swatches for each different world, and we are already really excited about the ones we have come up with so far! The colouring style will be much different to Reklas Abandon in that it will be much more detailed. With Reklas, it was a total of 10 colours (including black, white and three different greys), really simple one shade cel-shading, and we used the pencil tool for colouring instead of a brush on photoshop, meaning the lines were very harsh rather than smooth-looking on the canvas. With TEMPEST, we will still try to limit our colour pallet, but it will be a lot more vast. We will also be using paintbrush-like strokes to give it more of a fantastical touch. After completing a few trial pages in this style (which I might put up soon), we are really excited with how it is looking. There is nothing more surreal for me than seeing my worlds come to life in colour.
Who is doing what: As usual, I (Tasha) am doing all of the drawing/line art, and Lindsay (my husband) will be doing the majority of colouring. Different to Reklas Abandon where we both came up with the story, the writing is done mostly by me. It’s a story I have been doctoring for many years, but of course, Lindsay has been invaluable in helping me embellish it and working through plot holes and writer’s block.
Story/Plot: This story is a big one. My aim before releasing the first volume was to have it basically finished so that I would have no plot holes and plenty of decent foreshadowing. I have a lot of pride in that the story should be able to keep a consistent flow as it will ever move forward towards an epic end. The plot involves three completely different worlds (our Earth being one of them) and how characters from all three collide to to tell different stories. There are several characters from each world that you will follow as you go through the series, and every separate story is woven together to create a large tapestry-like picture.

My Progress so far

Over the past 4 years I got as far as volume 3 only to stop and see there were several things I wanted to do over. As of now, I am starting over with volume 1 and that is what I will be working on this year. Now that I have grown as an artist, (I hope!) and Lindsay has grown as a colourist, we are pressing on to release the first volume and set ourselves on a long course to finally finish the story.

As I work on it I will be blogging about our progress and hopefully give you little snap-shots into the world. I want to be posting pictures of different characters/etc. so you can be seeing whether or not you are interested in this kind of story. If you wish to keep getting updates about it, just see the widget on the right and subscribe to the blog!

Pictures coming soon!

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