Comicon weekend a success!

1512420_10152732794477538_752175184_n For three long days…

My family manned the Varida P&R booth at the Emerald City Comicon. (Picture on the left: My sister Katy-holding a tribble, my sister Toni and my brother Steve passing out stickers) I cannot stress enough how jealous Lindsay and I were feeling because we could not be there. If it wasn’t already clear, we live in England and couldn’t make it out for the release of our first graphic novel. We owe everything that happened this last weekend to our amazing American family who put in so much of their work, money and lives to promote Reklas Abandon.

Every day we would be texting and skyping them to get updates and in a way we felt like we were there. We are deeply sorry we could not have met all of you who came to our booth in person! We also want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for those of you who bought books. Please do not hesitate to comment and let us know what you thought!

I am getting an email set up so you can write to me personally about your thoughts/questions about the book. It has a unique story and I am eager to dialogue with anyone who has questions or insights. I take pride in the great care that I put into not only in the creation of unique characters, but also unique story lines. I recommend to anyone who has bought or will buy the book that you read it more than once before forming an ultimate opinion.

What we gained from having our booth at Comicon

I would say that the benefits from participating in comicon will be long lasting. We initially hoped to sell out and make a financial profit but soon learned that promotion was of bigger importance at an event like this. My family, after talking to lots of other vendors, learned that sales were quite low for most of them and that considering this was our first-ever event, we did quite well. With this in mind we decided to get as much of our stuff out there as possible. Here are the things we did that seemed to go really well:

  • We gave out several thousand stickers for free with “Reklas Abandon” and our website to passers by.
  • We bought a half page ad in the Comicon booklet about our booth. We advertised there about our free T-shirt giveaway every hour. We had lots of people come check out our booth and even buy merchandise simply because the saw the ad.
  • T-shirt giveaways! This was one of our biggest successes. By the end of the weekend we ended up giving away 20 free T-shirts through our hourly raffles. Lots of people came to our booth to win, and afterwards we had winners wearing our shirts which worked out as great advertising. Not only that, but there were a few T-shirt winners who ended up buying a book to go with it! We loved how it not only brought people to hang around, but it gave us a chance to dive into the awesome community of like-minded geeks like ourselves.
  • Selling books was our main source of income, and the number one thing I was hoping to happen. Ultimately, we didn’t make Reklas Abandon to make money. We made it because we had a story to tell and a unique way to do it. We ultimately wanted to do this event so we could get the book out there and let it be experienced. All in all we sold around 50 books which completely blows my mind! Thank you!
  • I think that having family members run the booth gave us a unique vibe. I don’t know how many people can say their mom writes sci-fi and enjoys comicon events, but I sure can. The entire weekend the booth was entirely manned by my family members who just had a great time hanging out and showing the spirit of what our community is all about. Though seeing us and our hearts, we hope that we gave off the vibe that we are not about fame or money, we are about community and promoting eachother’s unique art.

At the end of the day, kicking off Reklas Abandon by participating in a big event like Comicon was a great way to get the ball rolling for bringing out more art… not only for me, but other members in my family who are gifted writers, artists and visionaries. Please subscribe to the blog if you are at all interested in our progress!

Stay tuned for a post with pictures from this last weekend T-shirt winners!

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