New Colouring style for the TEMPEST!

Hello Fans!

It has been a very long time since I did a post about my art, and I’m sure having a second baby and being pregnant with a third didn’t help, but now the long wait is over! If you follow us on facebook there is a chance you may have already seen these photos, but I thought I would officially post them up here on the site!

With Reklas Abandon, our colouring style was very simple cel sheding, with very harsh pen lines. We used no gradients and no aliasing, and we used a limited pallet with only ten colours (including black, white, and a couple of greys). With TEMPEST, we are branching out a bit and letting ourselves experiment a lot more with a wide range of colours, sketchy line art, and new brush techniques for a more detailed shading.

I have been drawing up very loose sketches and Lindsay has been colouring them without touching up any of the line art. It is very experimental and you will see how it works more or less in the following pictures. Here are a few of the main Characters from the TEMPEST…








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