MeMy name is Tasha Kennedy. I live in Seattle, WA (after moving here from York, England) with my husband and three children. My husband is a Pastor at a local church and I am a wife/mother/artist. I also have a faith-based blog called “Grow because You’re Growing”– encouraging Christian maturity. 

I have several running projects and a few published works. I love working on graphic novels and children’s books and this blog is where I update on all of those things.

Published Works:

  • Reklas Abandon– a one-shot, satire, mystery graphic novel. My first work. I picked a quick and easy project as a trial in learning what it takes to come out with a graphic Novel! This was just a stepping stone to the series I have been working on for over a decade, but it in itself was still really fun!
  • Where I Go When I Sleep– The first volume of my Children’s book series I am writing and illustrating for my children as thew grow up!

Ongoing Projects:

  • The Tempest– This is my graphic novel series that is still deep in the works. I am STILL story boarding and working out endless, complex plot lines. It is a graphic novel series.
  • Where I Go When I Sleep– I am currently working on Volume 2 of my Children’s book series, and it will come out between October-December of 2017
  • Dream vs. Dream– Another one-shot graphic novel I have in the works.



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