Reklas Abandon

reklastitle   I am officially announcing the comic book we are working on. It will be my first official work (not counting Tired Burd) and we aim to have it done by the end of the year! I had the idea for this one-off comic book back in 2009, when I roughly drew up a make-fun comic for my sister, mocking the pop-culture stereotypes we have in our comic world today. The small strip morphed into what is now Reklas Abandon, and I am really excited to see it through! The story has changed quite a bit since getting my husband involved. These past few weeks we have been discussing the plot while doing dishes, feeding the baby and at night in bed when most people should be sleeping. We are happy to say that the plot, beginning to end, is nearly finished, and all we need to do is figure out specifics, script and panels.

My hope is that I can blog about our experience in making this comic book so that others can send in tips, or receive from the things we have learned through putting it together! We live in a world where independent work can can flourish, and so I encourage anyone with a story out there, get it out! Let people see what is in your head! I can guarantee, someone just might like it! The main thing on the forefront of my mind is this: I am making the story for me. I only expect to sell one copy (to myself), and if I am the only one who likes it, that is fine. This way, I wont be disappointed with my art! I believe art is just the expression of the artist, and we shouldn’t have to be ashamed of it.

Goal: To finish the book by early next year in time for comicon
Genre: Reklas Abandon is an interesting blend of comedy, mystery, satire, noir and drama.
Art/colouring style:  We are excited for the art style. We have decided to stay really simple at stick to an extremely small colour pallet. You might not see more than 10 colours (including black, white and grey)!
Line art by: Me, Tasha Kennedy
Colouring and formatting by: My husband, Lindsay Kennedy
Story by: Tasha and Lindsay Kennedy

Stay with us to see how we go in completing this work!