Come see us at Emerald City Comicon!

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Reklas Abandon fans, please Click on the map to see the location of our booth at the Emerald City Comicon 2014! To see the full map of the Emerald City Comicon event for a bit of context, just click here. At our booth you will be able to get Reklas Abandon stickers, buy the newly released book and buy one of our two T-shirt designs which at the moment are being sold exclusively at Comicon!

Update on the Printing Crisis:

Things are getting intense as we approach the final countdown to the big event. We are still having trouble with our main printer (who just can’t seem to get our proof copy printed!), and so we have gone with a local printer for the Comicon copies. They will look slightly different, I am assuming, to our main copies which will be sold on amazon, etc. So think about it this way: if we ever get famous, and you buy one of these limited edition copies, they might be worth something one day!

Live Preview:

If you haven’t already noticed, we have put up a bit of the book for you to get a sneak preview. Please feel free to read it to get a taste of what the book will be. If you like it, please consider buying it and supporting our art.

Pre-ordering the book:

If you live in the continental USA, you have the opportunity to pre-order the book now for $15 (which is free of tax and shipping!). If you live outside of the USA, please email to find out your extra shipping costs. Because of the trouble with the main printing company, we do not yet have a release date, but it should be somewhere around early April 2014.

Reklas Abandon is finished!

… and Emerald City Comicon is just around the corner!

About a month ago Lindsay and I finished the last page of the graphic novel and shortly after that we finished the layout of the book, copywrite pages, and lastly, the cover! I was really surprised at how much work and time was needed in these last steps. To me, when I finished the final page of the graphic novel, I was done. Well, I was wrong! There was weeks left of work to do. It was like I had enjoyed the 9 months of growing a baby, but the final labour in bringing this book into the world had caught me off guard. After all of the editing, emails back and fourth with our publisher, reworking and reformatting, we finally sent the book in for our proof copy.

That was over a week ago and we are still waiting. We called the printers and it turned out they had lost the file on our book and are only just today printing the thing! They are sending us the copy on next day delivery, so I hope to skype with my publisher (who will receive the copy in the states) and see the book for myself! If it is everything we meant it to be, we will barely have enough time to send for the 200 copies that we hope to sell at Comicon. We hope and pray that these copies will be delivered in time as a rush order would cost around $600! (Which is not happening…)

Emerald City Comicon

The main way we are promoting this book is by hosting a booth at the comicon in Seattle from March 28-30. I wasn’t expecting to do much promotion with my works, especially as my main motivation was to do it for the fun of it, but if we had not had the comicon deadline, Reklas Abandon would not have been finished by now. It is all my publisher’s and my family’s work that has brought this about. My husband and I live in England, and so there was no way we could have done any of this if my family wasn’t working their butts off making this event happen. We are so blessed by this and hope they know how thankful we are for all their hard work!

To support their work in bringing this about and our work in making this graphic novel, I encourage you to do any of the following:

  • Buy the book when it comes out! (And if you just aren’t interested in this kind of a graphic novel, no pressure!)
  • Pre-Order the book at:
  • Show up at our booth at Comicon and buy some merch (Booth #3006)
  • Visit Reklas Abandon Blog posts and write comments
  • Share with your friends who might be interested by Sharing website on facebook/twitter/etc
  • Keep us in your prayers!

Page #50!


I thought I would make a new post commemorating the completion of Reklas Abandon’s 50th page! With our estimate, this makes us about 25% done.

Of course, the page above is not the 50th page; I figured that it would be giving away too much to post the real thing. You will just have to wait until the book comes out!

The race is on! We hope to complete the final page by January so that we can have it published and ready to bring copies to the 2014 Seattle Comicon! We haven’t done much advertising for Reklas Abandon, but hopefully by bringing copies to the Varida P&R booth at the comicon we can sell some copies!

We are not trying to make a name for ourselves, or sell a ton of copies, we just want to bring this story that we love into being and let anyone who wants to take part in it do so through reading our graphic novel.

I will try to post more about the book soon!