A Review from Living Myth Media

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I am deeply honored and humbled by the fact that someone picked up the graphic novel to review it. When Lindsay and I decided to make Reklas Abandon in our spare time while our new-born was taking naps, our intention was to take a break from our other bigger art projects and make something fun together. Both of us being complete amateurs in the realm of putting together a graphic novel, we decided to make something super bite-size, satirical and caricatured. We started the story poking at comic book stereotypes and it morphed into something that ended up going a bit deeper than a total make-fun satire. It was a dangerous step mixing comedy and satire as well as mystery and drama, but we figured for our first venture we could go bold and throw it out there to see what happens.

That said, it was an exciting thing for me seeing a review from someone who doesn’t know me and could critique my art in an unbiased way. I feel the review does Reklas Abandon justice and points to both strengths we were hoping to achieve and weaknesses we were either well aware of (and hope to grow in) or that were slightly intentional (for example, the characters being stereotyped and odd interactions). Here is the review:

“You can tell this was written by an artist; there’s something unreal about the way everyone in this comic reacts to everyone else and the characterization is a little stilted. That said, the art actually makes the deficiencies of the writing work for it in this weird way that I need to pick apart to better understand. The story follows a rich young woman who buys a house that is the abode of a vampire and his servant, who comes with the house. Also, there’s a techie. There’s always a techie. The art is all block colors with little in the way of shading, but it makes the comic feel like a forties dining lounge. This is sort of addictive, once you get a few pages in. I can think of several people I know that would love this, and I’ll be passing it on to them.”

I would like to thank Aaron Golden for his review and kind words. May this be the first of many helpful reviews!