“Where I go When I Sleep”


Welcome to our Children’s Book Series: Where I Go when I Sleep! 

We have just Published the First Volume and I am currently working on the second one. We plan to bring out one per year, until the kids are too old to care! It stars my children going on adventures in their dreams and is a great children’s book encouraging imagination and adventure.

The First Volume, which is finished, Published, Printed, and available on amazon, was a great success! We did a kickstarter to raise money for all the publishing costs, and it worked much better than launching Reklas Abandon at the Emerald City Comicon, which was really fun but much more costly.

This Volume (Ages 2-5 audience) introduces the concept of children going on fun adventures in their dreams and making bed time an adventure to look forward to! It stars “Isa”, my oldest daughter when she was 2, and all the art and characters are inspired by her favourite things at that time.

The Second Volume, which is currently in the stage of being written/story-boarded, will star both Isa and her younger brother Whitley (who at the time that I am writing this is 2-years-old). The first book was a Christmas/birthday present for Isa this year, and so this next book will be dedicated to Whitley’s 3rd birthday in August of 2017, and if it is not ready in time, it will be for Christmas of 2017. It is good to have deadlines so I get working!

Each Volume with age with the children in content, story and art. This one will be aimed at ages 3-8. If the first volume was an intro story to the world of traveling in dreams, the following volumes with each be a unique adventure along with their own theme. Volume 2 is “Forest” Themed, and each new story will take place somewhere new.


For the kickstarter for this book, we offered custom pictures for the kids of anyone who gave a certain amount to fund the book!

We take pictures of your children and do custom drawings and coloring and print it for framing. We ended up getting a lot of orders, and it was really fun! So I am opening up for anyone to do this simply by contacting me. They are $30 a picture.

This is a Sample (above) of my son, Whitley, so you can see what the custom art would be like. It is done to the style of “Where I Go When I Sleep”, and goes great as a gift to a child to help them feel like the adventure can be real for them too!

And it really does boost their imagination. Reading this book to Isa before bed always makes her want me to tell more stories about what she could dream about and she LOVES going to sleep!